Can Food Make Us Happy?

5 Secrets for Eating Happier:

1. Make Dinner Sacred — Make a time of day that the whole family eats together. Turn off TV, music, cell phones and all distractions. Families that eat together have stronger bonds, eat more nutritiously and consume fewer calories.

2. Cook Your Own Food — Taking the time to prepare your own meal can be a meditation of sorts, an antidote to the mindless churn of everyday events. Preparing your own food lets you take charge of the ingredients and it's an expression of care for your family or your guests.

3. Lunch with Co-workers — The biggest determinant as to whether we like our job or not is if we have a good friend who works with us. The lunch hour provides both the time and the catalyst for nurturing a strong friendship which in turn also helps work productivity too.

4. Plant Basics — Eating a plant-based breakfast and/or lunch can boost your mood for the rest of the day. New research shows that meals high in saturated fats make our muscles and brains sluggish and less responsive. Grains, fruits and veges all the way!

5. Host a Weekly Dinner Party — The idea is to create a ritual of inviting guests, friends and family for a meal weekly. This doesnt need to be a lavish affair — potlucks are great. The point is the gathering, not so much the food.

Happiness needn't escape our daily lives as some hard work required and unattainable past time. Small changes can make a big difference to our mental and physical health and it will bring other rewards your way too! Being a busy mum can throw all sorts of troubles in your path, but keeping the family in check with these simple things will help to smooth over hard times.


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