Dear Body


Dear body


Thank you for sticking by me, we’ve had some serious ups and downs, but you’re always there for me. I know when I was younger I had no idea how to look after you and treat you with respect. But when you put your foot down and we ended up in hospital, you showed me what I really need to do and how to live better, I am eternally grateful. I love that I had to learn to listen to you, pay attention to what you are saying and provide the right ingredients for us to thrive. I love the feedback you gave when we fell pregnant and all the amazing things you did – seriously, making a baby from scratch – we are a great team, she turned out beautiful, thank you body. I never in my wildest dreams imagined we could make a baby, and retain the body I have always had. You are beyond amazing, your resilience, your hard work, your health, in that moment you really showed me that we have what it takes to do everything we want and always achieve the results we desire.

I look forward to the wisdom you will share with me in the future. I hope we stay grounded together forever, till death do us part



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