Girlfriends – Making The Enemy Your Bestie?

Have you ever wondered why women are friends, but most are never really true friends?

We see a beautiful woman. We see an accomplished woman. We see a woman who has the great boyfriend/partner/husband. A woman who’s happy, fulfilled, confident, sexy. We see a woman who has whatever we think we don’t have. And what do we do? We find ways to undermine her, to diminish her being/her light, to bring her down.

Is this any way to treat a sister?

What would happen if instead of seeing her as an enemy, we showered her with appreciation?

You like her outfit, you think shes got a smokn' ass, tell her. The result? An immediate win-win scenario, she feels good, you feel good, you will both walk away feeling brighter, fuller and ready to inspire others.

Women have this amazing connection, natural intuition, we feel, we nurture, we care and we create. We give with all our heart and continue to do so almost no matter what. Start appreciating what you find in common with other women. Dont judge, because you really dont know how someone feels unless you ask, and if you do ask, do it in such a way that creates a safe space to share and connect. This is what we women do best, but somewhere along the way our natural abilities get fuzzy, and we get side tracked.

It’s time for all of us to do this.

Compliment her.

Start looking for how you’re alike, rather than how you’re different.

Get curious about her. Talk to her. Listen to her.

Remember that there’s room for both of you to shine.

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