Half OVER… or Half TO GO?


Yesterday marked the mid-point of the year.

So… how you doing? 

Are you glad it’s half over? Or are you anxious because it’s already half over?

Are you where you planned to be halfway through? Did you make a plan?

Have you been taking too many photos, laughing your head off and dancing around the lounge everyday?

I have been very busy lately and very quiet on here, moving country, raising a toddler (shes turning into quite the princess) and settling in have taken a lot out of me. But its at points like these that I am reminded to sit, take a look at what Im doing and where Im at. I ask myself if Im happy, on track and what changes I could make to get back on track or just make a new track! We are loving our new life in Brisbane, its been 3 months and we've managed to achieve to much.

Writing out my list of things I have accomplished, things I set out to accomplish and things that havent worked out… yet. Im proud of me, I feel I have done a lot in the last 6 months and I did it on my own. I have the best support network of family and friends. Its truly amazing how hard times can show who is really there for you. I can proudly say me and my little princess are well loved.

We've past the shortest day of the year (21st June) and we're heading back to summer – whoop whoop, I cant wait! Snuggling up with books at night has become my new fav, enjoying the winter chills, before we know it, it'll be spring and there'll be heaps of cleaning to do!

I know its half TO GO! 

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