How To Live Your Best Year


Do you know you want more but feel stuck about exactly how to get it and how to keep it? Do you feel if only Christmas were every week? 
Positivity can go a long way, but you'll need perspective to stay there. Give these ideas a go for just one week, you'll be surprised at what life gives you back!

1. Presence: Christmas is a huge holiday event but it is also a great place to gain some amazing new perspective. Think about how that time of year makes you feel. Think about the new perspective it gives you on life. Take the time to remember how you feel at Christmas with friends and family. Imagine how amazing your life would be if you felt how you feel at Christmas but everyday of the year! 
a] Start by giving your presence, by really being there with every situation, switch off thoughts and distractions and really take in what is happening in every moment and situation.
b] Create that different level of appreciation. At Christmas we all feel centred and peaceful (at at least thats the aim) we really show everyone appreciation and love. Now think for a minute, how amazing would this year be if you did just this one thing!
c] Create a new focus on giving, value and your impact with others. What did I do for people, What can I do for people, What will I do for people. Finding your giving perspective, not your 'I' perspective.

2. Reflection: What are my 5 biggest lessons I learned last year? Answering these from a positive perspective and not a negative.
What did I become successful at? Both big and small.
What am I proud about?
What difference did I make last year?
Analyse, learn from and celebrate small and big successes and failures. These make you who you are.

3. New Story. Decided you wanted more for this year? Then sit down and craft your story to say exactly what you want it to say.
a] Set a vision of who you are going to be this year.
b] Think about your life, decide what 3 words you want to dominate your year. These will be your words to remember for everyday of this year. Write them somewhere so you see them every morning.
c] What am I going to accomplish this year?
d] Who am I going to be?
e] How am I going to live my life?

Life is about growth. If something isnt living, whats it doing? Dying. Stagnation is suffering, and this is in fact a choice!
Make peace with last year and the past, then decide to get on with this year, but in a bigger, bolder, better way. Create your story. Try sitting down and thinking about your life, what kind of story would you want it to tell? When you turn the page at the end of this year, what do you want the pages to say about you and your year? What will you have become? What will you have done?

Your mental perspective about how this year will turn out, is exactly how this year will turn out.
If you dont challenge yourself, no one else around you is going to do it. This is it, there is no dress rehearsal in life, its not a practice run, or draft, this really is it!
Take personally accountability to a new level, decide you are going to have the best year of your life.

Life rewards action. Go get your share!

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  1. Tori says:

    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you hleped a brother out.

  2. Philly says:

    I can’t believe you’re not paynlig with me–that was so helpful.

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