I Want To Be A Mum Today


Sometimes the world caves in on you, there are so many things to do, so much to get done and done right now. You know there are so many choices to make in life, daily, weekly, monthly and annually humming away in the background. Two days ago I found myself feeling so overwhelmed by it all I’ve sat down and thought I just want to be a mum today.

I’ve made a huge sacrifice and commitment to have a baby and raise a child, why the heck are all these external things getting in my way. Do I need to remind myself to clarify my priorities? Am I teaching myself bad habits of distraction? Am I just plain doing the wrong things? 

Being a stay at home mum is no easy feat let or loan throwing in the stresses of everyday life, responsibilities and duties. The pressures of the outside world makes you want to explode, but you know that would mean more cleaning, so maybe implode is appropriate here.

Its kind of crazy we have to learn to tone it down. Get with the simple and get down to the level of how our babies and children see reality. It’s challenging, refreshing, emotional and it can be to begin with, a lot of hard work to block out the rest of your mind and the world.

I have started on a quest for clarity. I think I need to unlearn distractions, and relearn the art of observation, relaxation and dare I say it, peace. I’m reaching out to meet other mums and dads to talk about life’s demanding grind and learning how to log off from distractions. So far I am doing well, I have cut down my coffee and sugar intake, and have managed to get to bed early the last two nights, such a huge leap in the right direction I thought. More energy already and I’ve barely begun. I have joined a few online social sites and signed up to join in at few meetings with other mums. I think these meets will bring clarity and a bit of sanity. It does help just talking to others, especially those in similar situations. I’m feeling better already and wondering how great I will feel in a weeks time! 

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