Make Up Tips – Applying Concealer

You may feel like a dogs breakfast in the early months other motherhood, but that doesn't you have to look like it too! When you happen to walk past the mirror and catch your reflection, you don't want to barf at the sight of yourself. That would mean more cleaning and less self esteem. Both of these things we need to avoid.

Putting on a fresh face can make all the difference. Never take yourself and your emotions for granted, a happy mum equals a happy baby and we all want that!

Concealer is denser in composition than foundation and is only designed to cover a small area.

Applying Concealer:

You can use a concealer brush or your fingers, up to you, a brush means you wont have to clean your fingers or get any under your nails while being precise. But sometimes you can get a better finish with fingers. Its all personal preference. If you do want to use your fingers, use you ring finger as it applies less pressure on your delicate skin.

You should apply concealer in the inner corners of the of the nose by the eyes and the dark areas under the eyes. Gently pat the concealer on with your fingertips and then cover the entire under-eye area and outside area of the eyes.

A neutral shade of under eye concealer can help you to neutralise the purple or brown tones of bruising, under eye circles and other concealing challenges. Concealer should cover the entire under eye, including outside the eye to give it lift.

Have a play around with concealer, get confident with your application and results. No more dark under eye circles here you come!


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