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Following on from concealer tips as promised, these are my tips for choosing the right bronzer for the yummy mummy days ahead. Trust me when I say this item along with your concealer will be lifesavers.

With very little effort you’ll be able to leave the house feeling and looking your best. A bronzer can even help cover imperfections and enhance features.

It's something every woman wants to find – the best face bronzer! That's because when you wear the right bronzer for you it lifts your appearance and creates the illusion of instant health. The best face bronzer is a real lifesaver if you find yourself looking a little paler than usual – early motherhood certainly isn’t always pretty but that doesn’t mean we have to stay that way!

Bronzer Basics

As always, I recommend going along to your local beauty counter or fav beauty shop and talking to the women and men in the know.  You want to appear uplifted, healthy and rested (of course new mummy’s don’t feel this way, that’s why we are employing the help of make-up).

I have found, unlike concealers, some of the cheaper bronzers can be just as good as the pricey branded ones. So the good thing is, this can be down to your budget and what you are after.

Types of Bronzers

The best face bronzer for oily skin types is a powder bronzer. Powder bronzers come in both pressed and loose powders. The advantage is that these products will last longer on your skin. If you choose a liquid bronzer there is more of a tendency for it to fade and your complexion look oilier as the day passes, ekk! By using a powder bronzer you avoid this complication.

If your skin is combination, where you tend to be oilier in the T-Zone area such as the nose, cheeks and chin, then powder bronzers work best for you and you can even wear shimmer bronzers if you apply them lightly. There is another selection when choosing the best face bronzer for your skin type. You can also experiment with liquid bronzing products. If you have combination skin then try liquid bronzers in makeup samples before buying one. Just make sure to apply them with a light hand.

Dry skin? Liquid, lotion and gel bronzers work great on dry skin. They glide across your skin and provide you with nice even sheer color.


If you have light or fair skin and you have yellow undertones (which 80% of people do) choose a warm shade that is a combination of bronze, peach and apricot. The best option is a palette that has several shades you can swirl together. The lighter shades mixed in will keep it from being too dark on fair skin.

If you have light or fair skin with pink undertones, choose a bronzer and blush combo that you can swirl together. The pink will help keep your skin from looking to warm.

If you have olive to dark skin, darker skin tones should choose bronzers with deeper undertones such as plum.

Applying Bronzer

When applying bronzer, use a bronzer brush since the bristles are specially angled to ensure an even application without harsh lines. Apply bronzer where the sun would normally warm the face, such as on tops of cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose and tip of chin. Avoid mixing bronzer into foundation or applying all over the face – we don’t want to look like orange clowns while pushing our fabulous new prams now do we!


So get out there, talk to some experts and start experimenting, concealer and bronzer will be your best friends through early motherhood. Its never a bad day when someone compliments on how well motherhood is treating you – concealer and bronzer will have your back covered!

Plus never underestimate how powerful it is to be looking in the mirror to find yourself not looking as tired as you feel. Getting through these long days and nights will have you going through many tough times and tests of your will power, but that doesnt mean looking your worst is a mandatory.

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