New Years Resolutions…..

So its that time of year again, time to be thankful, grateful, happy and what not of the year that has come to pass….and begin the thoughts, specifically HOW you want to live this new year that is about to be with us….A lot of people opt for the big new years eve, party, drink, be merry, dance and party some more, usually with friends, new and old. Somewhere will think, write or last minute, drunkenly, adding a list of few things they wish to happen for them or things they wish to sweep out and change from their life.

New Years Resolutions – sounds simple, but does anyone really give this some real thought, or find a way to stick to it?!

I was busy reading a fantastic article yesterday, how you spend your new years eve is how you spend your year….it got me thinking and I do agree, it may be quite the truth. Doesnt put much pressure on to have an AMAZING new years eve does it?!!!!!

Thinking back to my last new years eve, it was all last minute plans, I was talked into going out, felt uncomfortable and surrounded by, what were nice people and those that I knew, but didnt know well. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to hide rather than throw myself onto the dance floor area with these drunkn people…I ended up leaving well before midnight – after much protest from my dearest girlfriend who wanted to give me her best, bless her sweet heart, she was my angel for that time in my life…when the clock struck midnight, I was driving home, full tears in flow, thinking to myself I WILL NEVER FEEL THIS WAY AGAIN! I vowed to change my life for the better, give and get all I could and give my daughter better than I was giving her. It was not an easy time in my life and I needed to pull myself out of it and really focus and give her what I felt was my commitment to having her – the best I could.

Things did change from that night, the things I thought as I drove home while everyone was having a drunkn good party time, I did stick to. And thinking about how my year panned out, it was kind of like my new years eve…rather last minute, somethings I was talked into, but I did spent my year doing things that made me uncomfortable, but in a good way, things I wouldnt normally do. I also spent a great deal of time doing EVERYTHING I could that was giving my daughter the best.

This leads me to this new years eve…if this theory of spending it how your year pans out….hmmm….Does that mean I need to be mid- butt kicking, sweat pouring workout, with my best girlfriends, while my daughter is nicely tucked up in bed, somehow making money, sipping on a long island ice tea, wearing a killer heels and dress, while planning everything else?! Sounds like a mission, but fun…I LIKE!

Happy New Years Domestic Goddesses – may all your resolutions be a slam dunk! xo


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