Pregnancy Equals Public Property?


When you are pregnant it seems like the whole world wants a piece of you. Yes I know it is a miracle and growing a life inside of you is a privilege, but that does not give anyone the rights to touch you, comment on your appearance or ask questions like. ‘do you know the sex?’, and ‘do you have a name?’. I do understand where they are coming from, as pregnancy, babies and the whole thing is exciting, but not everyone likes this kind of attention and just because you are pregnant, that does not mean you all of a sudden change who you are and become public property.

I do not know if this is some kind of etiquette we all need to work on, but for those pregnant woman who are not ‘showing’ the bump yet, you will soon find out what I mean. It is tough, as it is nice to share such a miracle with others who appreciate, but maybe there should be a line of what is acceptable and what is not?

Touching the bump — I found was like invading someones personal space. Family and close friends get in as they know you well, but outside that I think is a big no no. I know some cultures being around the miracle of life, birth and babies can be good luck and so on, but in out western culture it is very different. We do lead very personal and private lives to each other and just because someone is pregnant and looks like the swallowed a basketball or two last night, does not change the fact that you are touching someone elses tummy!

Asking about what sex the baby is – I always thought to myself when asked this question, does it really matter to the person who is asking? Why are they asking? Are they asking because they will share a story about themselves or someone they know and they just needed a way to get it out? You know its not like it makes a difference to any of us what the sex is – even the parents. We will love that child no matter if it is a girl or boy, so asking what the sex of the baby is, I think, has no relevance to anyone.

Do you have a name yet? – This one is a dangerous area for a stranger to try and enter. There is some kind of point you get to and the next person who asks you will scream your head off. Most pregnant woman will not ask, as they know it is like a guarded secret. Why is this? Well every man and their dog has an opinion on the names you like and their comments have an impact on you and your decision. But I think this is just not fair. This is such a huge responsibility, the name is with this person for life and it is also something you will say almost every day for the next 18 years plus – so it is really important to get it right and feel happy about it. Plus choosing your childs name and having a great story to go with it is so special. You get such a relief when you finally pick a name, you both like it and its official, you do not want or need anyone elses opinion, yours will be more than enough – no one is more critical than you!

It is strange how when you are pregnant and showing, a lot of people talk to you, make random comments and quite often feel the need to touch you (as if there aren’t already enough strangers doing that!).

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