Relationship Desires

After an interesting comment from a friend recently, its made me curious, could there be a connection between a persons relationship desires and if they like cats or dogs?

Me, I’m a cat person, I love how sleek, easy going, friendly, easily pleased they are and how cats leave you alone for most of the day, they are independent. I’m not much for the dogs for the fact that they require a lot of your attention, they eat lots, slobber and require a lot more work, walking etc. And Im pretty sure dogs have a smell and cats, not so much.

Could this mean I have the relationship desire to have a loving dependant but one that likes to do his own thing, while I do mine? Interesting food for thought…


After much research, it appears people have analyzed the differences between cat people and dog people, but not how this could relate to a persons relationship desires. analyzed data from more than 80+ million users and found some very interesting results …but alas didn’t help me in my quest to find if my friends said comment had any depth.




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