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I have found this amazing website and this amazing book just now. We have all felt down at times and some of us for long periods at a time. Being a mum is harder than we could have ever imaged when pregnant and no one else but a mum can understand. I hope this information and book can help one mum at the very least, no one should ever suffer and feel alone. Text from their website:

The Happy Mum Handbook
This book may be the most important book you’ll read as a mum. There are loads of book on how to raise happy children, but where’s the manual on how to be a happy mum? Where’s the instructions that teach you how to deal with the anger, the guilt, the lost identity, or the feeling of being consumed, overwhelmed or stressed?
Well finally, here it is! The Happy Mum Handbook will teach you exactly how to handle the mental and emotional challenges of motherhood and prevent stress, depression and anxiety.
You will feel relief at last as you learn how to press stop on the roller coaster ride of emotions using a simple, easy-to-remember 5-step process.
The Happy Mum Handbook is the new bible for motherhood.

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