Slow Cooker!

In the last 6 months I have moved country twice and started all over again. Nothing has affected me more than in the kitchen and having to start from scratch there…lately I miss my slow cooker – looks like I need to get time savvy and go get a new one.

Last winter I loved being able throw on whatever I felt like in the morning, go about my day (being a busy new mum) I could come and go from the house and at the end of the day the meal was delicious, tender and ready to go. Felt so easy it was amazing, and my partner thought I was a hero (hehe)

I also noticed that the supermarkets started to bring out recipe bases, so the task got even easier! I dont eat lamb myself, but I could make lamb shanks for my man and he was beyond smitten.

I think my mouth is starting to water just thinking about all the delicious things I can make with a slow cooker….time to duck off the the shops!

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  1. Nephi says:

    Well macadiama nuts, how about that.

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