Style Rut, Flowers And Me!

Today, I feel like I am stuck in a bit of a style rut, mentally, emotionally and physically, and its been this way for the last few months. Its hard to get the motivation to look and feel good while on a single mother's budget (physically and financially). But more recently, I was inspired, I saw some beautiful flower head pieces in some of the shops at the mall. It got me thinking how when I was a little girl I used to love wearing flowers, headbands and clips in my hair. I was never brave enough for a hat or scarf, but I did dream of them too!


When I was 5 years old, I was a flower girl in a wedding. I felt like the prettiest little girl alive. I have kept the flower headpiece, even though its falling apart, it still reminds me of that amazing feeling. Last week when I saw Sportsgirl had some similar flowergirl halo looking headpieces I was transported to a time that felt magical and inspirational and limitless.


So today I have decided to challenge myself. For the next week I want to wear flowers in my hair, dress in pretty clothes and get those magical feelings back. Growing up gives you so many things, but sometimes it means you loose the magic. So Im going to challenge myself to get it back – I want the magic, so Im going after it.


….do you want to join me? xx



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