Want To Firm That Baby Belly?

Forget stomach crunches and find a better way to firm those muscles, all while wearing any outfit you please!

The muscles we want to target are known as the external obliques — why not forget those stomach crunches and try the Pilates "100s" instead. This exercise was found to challenge more overall muscle in one shot (specifically, the muscles spanning the waist) than traditional crunches. To do the 100s, sit on a mat, lay back and make a V with your body, raise you legs upwards to form one side and lift your head and shoulders off the floor to make the other side. (tip: use your stomach muscles to hold your upper half up, or your neck will ache very fast, but don’t worry this gets easier with practice). Pump your arms up and down 100 times, inhaling and exhaling every five counts. You can also bend your knees if this helps, making sure to keep your legs straight up, also you can rest your head if needed.

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