What Women Really Want

Men and Women continuously attempt to try and communicate their differences and similarities and they will do for eternity Im sure. Things like how we are all wired, collectively and individually, is a mystery to be unraveled throughout a lifetime – if we are lucky! However, with current research and information certain themes appear…over and over.

Before the following information will land with any meaning or significance to a man, the obvious is imperative: he needs to be with the woman he loves deeply, who he sees as an honorable, trustworthy and kind person.  If she doesn’t meet that criterion, then he is with the wrong person… and will find it difficult to give his current woman what she wants.

So, What do women really want?


They want to be:

1.  Your number one priority

If you prioritise your woman to come first in your life, it won’t be an issue between the two of you when your best friend, mother, parent, or child calls with a problem.  She understands your importance to them and wants you to be the kind of guy who comes through for people.  One of the things she loves about you is that you have close ties to others and you are loyal.  You also take time to explain to her where you’re going and why. 

But if you break a special date with her because your mates want you to go drinking with them, or your mother wants you to take her to the stores, or your child is throwing a fit because he wants a new soccer ball…she is going to feel resentful, unappreciated, and angry. 

Because, more than anything, a woman wants and needs to be number one in your life.


2.  Safe

A woman wants you to be looking out for her physical safety, of course, but she especially needs to feel emotionally safe.  She needs a man she can trust, who keeps his word and who honors his commitments.  If you can’t keep your agreements with her, then she needs you to be courageous and honest enough to tell her the truth.


3.  Listen to her

Women want to be heard.  She wants you to listen, care about what she is saying and believe her.  Men tend to be (or think they are) more analytical than women.  Therefore, you may have a tendency to dismiss what she is saying. Take the time to be present, listen and after she has spoken, give her a reply with value. Your experiences and information is appreciated. Negative feedback isn not helpful.

4.  Responded to

If you do what she asks, you will have a peaceful home.  Unless she is totally unreasonable, don’t argue, complain, or deride her request.  If you don’t trust her, then her words will sound like demands and will have little affect on you. (And if you don’t want to respond to her, you should ask yourself why you are there.)  All things being equal (she does her best to give you what you want) you don’t have to be a wimp to give her what she wants.  You do need to feel secure within yourself.


5.  With a stand-up guy

Women are attracted to and stay bonded with a guy who takes care of his career and business, keeps his word, takes the high road in all situations, and is not a victim of life.  If she’s in love with you, she wants to please you.  But if you are an endless story of growing or unresolved problems, complaining about the unfairness of life and other people and are thin skinned or petty…she will find it hard to support you.  Stand-up guys have their issues just like anyone else, but they’re willing to look at themselves, take ownership of the problem at hand, and do something about it.


If you take on board the above information, becoming more and more the kind of guy women want, ultimately, you will find that you are the kind of guy you want to be too. So go ahead.  Make her happy.  You’ll make yourself happy in the process (this cant be a bad thing!) This is what women really want.


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