About Me

Its not about me, is it?

Nope, its really about you. More than that, my website is here to hopefully help you.

I want to provide useful and intelligent information for your house, your body, your baby and your man. To help when in need, provide trust and guidance for your delicate thoughts and to stress the importance of polishing your inner domestic goddess.

Motherhood is not like the previous generations. The mother of today has so many more pressures and tasks in her daily life, she truly is a domestic goddess. She performs numerous tasks with no time, no spare hands and still manages to smile and love the little things. She performs miracles just like a goddess.

The absolute shock of motherhood should not be shunned away from reality and potential mums-to-be. The more information we are armed with, the better decisions we can make.

I am a woman, a stay at home mum, partner, sister, daughter, grand daughter and a full time domestic goddess. Being all of these make me who I am and I am proud for all of these accomplishments, as should every woman.

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