2013 Let’s Be Awesome Together

New Year. New You?

The whole New Years Resolution thing can feel overwhelming to say the least. Setting goals when you may not have touched last years, and cant even begin to imagine how on earth you will achieve the ones you most dearly, secretly, desperately want to put on your list this year.

I hear ya. I heart ya.

Sometimes there is a real heaviness to it, and you either, freeze, grab a another glass of wine or aim so high you know you're never going to get there….but what if you did?

What if there were a few simple tricks to get you well on your way to EXACTLY where you want to be….

For centuries women have been ritualistic. Its in our veins, we love and adore routine and ritual from when we are newborn to the day we pass. Think of all the memorable times in your life, are they ritual base of some kind? More than likely. And New Years is the same, only its kind of been twisted.

Heres a few tips you may like to add to your arsenal of rituals.


Say GoodBye to 2012.

Give yourself sometime to grasp the year that was and feel the greatness of how far you have come, what you have learned and how its all made you feel. Dont forget we are emotionally driven beings, so relish in that for a bit and enjoy its essence. Sometimes to move forward we have to resolve where we have been.

Grab a book, notepad, scrap paper, something and get writing. Grab a glass of wine, a coffee, water or whatever tickles your fancy. Get out your photo album, diary, journal or scroll through the year that was on facebook(photos and timeline). See how you began your year. Find the list of last years Resolutions and see how far you got.

Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes you set high goals but dont take steps to really get there, or life threw you a curve ball (or 10), so dont be too harsh on yourself if you didnt achieve it all.

You will feel yourself evolve through thoughts and emotions as you process and close the year that was 2012. Celebrate what you find, the good and the bad. Write down things and smile to yourself, cry to yourself. Its like harvesting your life, the crops and the weeds. Sometimes you need a good cry to release and realise you are not always the victim and good can come of the bad.

In reflection our souls can learn powerful lessons, this is vital to moving forward. Think of this as pulling the weeds from your garden and getting it ready for the new crops….once you feel a rounded sense of your year, its time to move on.


Burn Baby Burn OR Good Bye Baby Good Bye.

At this point you can burn your discoveries and healings of the year that was. Be safe about it, but enjoy it as you say good bye. You can set fire to the list, book, papers (and photos if you wish), or you could bury it (maybe not the plastic items for this) and return your thoughts and lessons in life, love and pain to the mother earth. Or you could simply place it in a special box/jar for next year to discover.

Archive items on your computer, re-arrange your wardrobe, throw out/give away shoes, clothes and accessrories that you no longer need/want. Re-arrange your room, house, garage. Get ready to make fresh new discoveries, lessons and open pathways to new experiences. Buy yourself some flowers, pot some new colour and plants in the garden.

I go through my wardrobe and drawers, throw out things that are just hanging by threads, decide if I shall repair shoes and accessories that need care and put together piles of things I no longer want in my life (I give these to family, friends or the less fortunate). I think about the common items I use every and almost everyday, such as slippers, dressing gowns, sleepwear etc and decide if its time to begin fresh. I throw out underwear and make sure to splurge on new items to keep my womanly zazz (new lingerie always makes me smile!).

I re-arrange my room, change pictures on the walls and change pictures in the frames. I go through my daughters room and do the same, cleaning up toys, getting rid of anything that needs to be hiffed.

Dont underestimate the power of a wardrobe freshen and clean out ladies, this can be powerful.


Finish Line!

Lay a claim in your life that today, this week, this year is a new place to thrive as your beautiful unique self, and to do it YOUR way.

The first week in January I write out my 'To Do' list for the year. My ritual is to set aside some time for myself, have a nice shower, lavish my body in delicious moisturiser and care. Relax with a notebook, some music, or open the window and hear the birds, wind and general noise of life outside. Take a deep breath and begin a simple, but powerful list of things I desire to feel, live, love and achieve for the year ahead.

I reflect in part of things from previous years that I still intend to achieve (sky diving we need to talk)….I also dare myself to dream wildly (begin my new website & meet the love of my life). What do I really really REALLY want this year and how do I want it to make me feel (Love, love and more love?).

Attaching emotion to dreams, and creating vision boards can be hugely powerful tools towards getting everything you desire. Your brain/life/soul doesnt work on one platform, it has many.

When you ready a flower bed for planting, you give it the best soils, water, fertilizer and care – YOU need to treat yourself EXACTLY the same.

Purchase, refurbish and clean items for your wardrobe and house. Colour co-ordinate, and categorise, hell, make a huge mess if thats how you see things – this is about how YOU want it and how YOU will achieve it. Dont be shy, do it and smile, because its meant to make you feel good, you're meant to FEEL it (thats the key).


Result. 2013, lets be awesome together!

A FRESH you and a whole year to just be YOU. No more excuses this year missy. We thrive on beginnings and endings, everyday there is opportunity for rituals to sneak in and make a home. Set your intensions and damn well do them this year, alright.

Say it, 2013 you are mine!


With you on this gorgeous day in this gorgeous new year,




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