Dear 16 Year Old Me

If you had the opportunity to write your 16 year old self a letter, what would you say?

Dear 16 year old me, 

Stop stressing, the only end result of stress is a shorter life, the sooner you learn this, obviously the better.

You are doing an awful lot of socialising, try focusing on your studies more, you never know how that info and training is going to come in handy in the coming years.

Dump that boyfriend, hes wasting your time. I know you're going to soon, but try dumping him sooner, it will give you all the space and time you are craving, and effective immediately.
Dont worry about those girls from school, just focus on you, this tough time will soon be over and the lessons with stick with you for life.
You are enough. You are enough just the way you are, your quirky habits and ideas are awesome. Trust your inner guide more, shes onto good things, shes just waiting for you to listen more.

Love me.

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