Men And Your Asking Skills

I read sometime ago that if you change the way you ask the man in your life (all men actually) for something he will change his reaction. There is an amazing book, which a lot of people have read – and if you havent, go and get it! This book will enlighten your mind, give you a sense of relief and also provide real solutions to common problems in relationships.

Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus by John Grey Ph.D.

This book was such a godsend for me 4 years ago. One simple tip that I remember every time I ask my man for something goes like this: saying 'could you please pick up that mess', change the 'could' to a 'would'. Instead saying by saying 'would you please pick up that mess'. Apparently the trick is to change all questions that have a 'c' to a 'w'. Example: could replaced with would, and can replaced with will, etc.

Its something about offering the option when you should be asking. Say for example, 'could you' the male mind replies with, well I could. When if you change the request to would, the male mind replies with response to the question.

You will be surprised by the results.

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