Things for you to love, share and appreciate – TODAY!


 You encourage without hesitation.

You know the exact moment to say the exact best dry, witty thing.

You tell people you love them every single day.

You forgive the misfires. And you forgive them completely.

Your eyes shine when you tell stories.

You choose words with care.

You talk with your hands to the point where you might catch some air.

You get knocked down, but you don’t stay there.

Your faith is strong but quiet.

You speak into situations, and actual change happens as a result.

I love the way you blush when people say kind things to you.

And the way it's difficult for you to accept compliments.

Your energy is unmatched.

Your music recommendations.

Your wisdom is much greater than your years.

You got up and danced anyway.

Your brain wraps around ideas and won’t let go.

The talents you have that completely astound me — how do you DO that?

You get my jokes. No matter how stupid they are.

I love your giant dreams and your inability to downsize them.

You listen better than anyone else I know.

You twirl when you try things on.

You go out of your way to make others feel at ease.

Your insane, unhinged laugh is the highlight of ANY day.

You aren’t afraid to say you don’t know.

You don’t mind if I get emo — and you know how to joke me back out of it.

You laugh until you cry.

You are always there for me, through thick and thin.

You have the biggest, kindest heart I've ever seen.

Your patience and understanding.

Your dependability.

Your pleasant surprises.

Constantly motivating me to carry out my plans, no matter how silly.

And how you indulge my silliness.

Your belief in me.

You always want to share.

Your thoughtfulness.

Your love for plants.

Your limitless generosity.

You can fix absolutely anything. Handiest person ever.

You loved me first, and still love me best.


Now, pick something beautiful and tell someone!

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  1. Lavon says:

    Right on-this heelpd me sort things right out.

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