Being a single adult is a serious nutbar talent…


Dating…have you tried this crazy practice?!



Not everyone goes through this experience, some know who and want they want in life, or vibrate the right frequency to the universe to get their dream gal/lad without the shenanigans, trials and tip toeing on the verge of mental collapse.


Dating makes you re-examine the person you thought you were and all the people around you. You have all these crazy, totally crazy thoughts roll through your mind. The brain waves of a person on a date are off the charts in the mad-zone (I think). If you’ve been on more than one failed date, if you’ve come from any kind of relationship that didn’t work out, serious, short, crazy, depressing, intense. If you want a lot from life and haven’t got it yet, if you’re just plain seeking anything that you haven’t yet got your hands on. I believe your thoughts have examined things you don’t need to; this is when you start to think from your ego, from the outside, not from your soul, not from your place of truth. When you start this way…do you ever examine the sanity and reality of what’s being thought?

  Being a single adult is a serious nutbar talent… 


Being a single adult brings out your ego, it brings out your self-doubt, crazy, and insecure thoughts. You start to judge and examine people in ways you previously never imagined. You look at a persons name, a persons finger nails, a persons anything you wouldn’t normally even notice until 3 years into a relationship, and you pull it apart, all of it! Serious nutbar territory.

There’s no manual, there’s no ‘normal’ breakup, date, relationship, anything in that context, yet somehow we all have this ‘vision’ of what it should and shouldn’t be. It’s like shopping in a cheap store and you keep adding to your cart just because you can and because you think you can afford it. But what if our brain is like a payment free credit card, you spend when you can’t see it, it’s easy, you collect thoughts naturally, catching them as they happen, and they disappear out of sight. But what if these things catch up to you, but you never even knew it…you didn’t know you were collecting crazy insecure random thoughts and you started actually adding them to your life, to your perspective, to your personality ARGHHH!


You start facebook stalking, network digging, personal history researching chaos. You start examining things you never would normally, you wonder what words mean, what a text means, why it wasn’t a phone call. You wonder what that smile means, or who the hell that girl is on his profile….you start being against the world, against other people, against the natural grain in life. You stop listening to your intuition, your natural ability to tell what a person is really like and if they would actually suit you and if you truly want to hang out again!! This is exhausting to read right? Well we all actually do this to themselves at least once….Your brain needs servicing too, your thoughts need serious monitoring, you need time to process and even time to analyze if what’s really happening, should be, if you need to move on, change, or behave differently.


Our lives can be so busy, that we’re too busy for ourselves. This is not a great recipe. Some chose meditation, some chose a walk, some chose the gym…if you’re being constructive, are you using these times in your life to get level with yourself? Do you have a friend, or if you’re lucky enough, multiple friends to confide in? What about an amazing chat with a stranger…sometimes I think that theory works the best, once you say it out allowed it all makes sense. Keeping things in, bottling it up, bottling up your soul is no good for you or anyone around you. 


Sometimes you do so many responsible and serious things in your life, you get to a point where you question how boring you are and do you need more zazz in your life? You look outside you for things and people to make you happy…not stopping to think happiness isn’t a thing, happiness isn’t actually a real any thing, it’s a state of mind…along with all these other things you think…


How to keep sane in an insane world? Learn what centers you, what creates calm in your life. Gather some great friends and hold onto them, tight. Talk, and talk by any means that works for you. In person, over drinks, over dinner, at the beach, by text, email, facebook, whatever works.


The space between us (our relationships) is what makes us human, what makes life worth living, what gives us fight, what gives us love, what gives us passion…breathe life into your relationships, really be there with those around you, speak what’s happening in your life, your trials, successes and defeats. Be open to the crazy thoughts you can share and what words and truths are given back. Love the hell out of the fact that these people want to be in your life, that they want to hear your madness, they want to share and help and be there for you and your journey. When you start to work on these beautiful spaces in your life, the rest makes sense, you don’t have so many off-the-wall crazy thoughts, you wont examine from the ego perspective. You will feel the calm you have been craving, while squeezing close to you the relationships that make your life worthwhile.


I Dare You….


I dare you to relax into yourself and give it a go. Trust those around you with your craziest inner most thoughts, share and in return listen and be there for the people in your life…wonderful things will start to happen…just you watch….dating, relationships, your life will relax, run smoother, you’ll fall in love with everything, but don’t settle, keep up the grooming, keep the interaction, keep the flow between you and those in your life, never give it up.


Remember the space between us is what makes life worth living.



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