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Coming are the days of less time for you and more time for a helpless little bubby. But that doesn’t mean you give up who you were and what made your day sparkle.

For me I used to love getting up, getting dressed, doing my make-up and leaving for work feeling my best. I had been given advice to make sure I had a great concealer and bronzer and my yummy mummy phase would be bearable and my confidence remain semi intact during those sleep deprived early days.

I highly recommend this advice to all new mums and mums to be! My baby shower present is always a concealer and bronzer. Everyone else focuses on the baby, when I think its time for mum to have some pampering presents – after all she is doing all the hard work and will do for months and years to come.


Concealer Basics

Depending on your level of experience with this beauty product, it is always a good idea to go and talk to an expert. The women at the beauty counter are a world of knowledge, go and have a chat to them and utilize this great tool.

You will need concealer for under your eyes, black puffy eye bags are never a fashion statement and when you look in the mirror after a few long nights with bubby, you don’t want to both feel and look your worst! Also depending on your skin and how pregnancy has treated you, you may need concealer for the odd spots that may have decided to join your face for the ride.

I am a super fusspot and have tried many concealers in my short time on this planet. It all depends on your skin tone, skin behavior (dry, oily or combination of both), and also what you expect from a concealer. Then of course budget enters the process. A good concealer can make your day seem not as bad, trust me on this one.


Types of Concealers

Concealers come in different formulas and shades. If you have dry skin, you will want to go for a creamy formula that comes in a tube or pot. If you have oily skin, you will want to use the stick or liquid concealers. If your skin is normal to combination, you may want to try different formulas depending on how much coverage you want and need. Once you decide on a formula, consider concealers that are one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Remember that the idea is to make a darker area or spot blend into your complexion.



Some concealers cover better than others. Some are light and others are heavier to cover more. The key to both is blending for the most natural look. Use a sponge, concealer brush or your fingers, but be sure it is blended well. You can also set your concealer by using an eyeshadow brush dipped in a little translucent powder, but this is not mandatory, especially for a yummy mummy who spends a lot of time at home.



Concealers come in all kind of shades from light to dark. You will want to choose one that harmonizes with your skin tone and foundation (if you chose to wear it). One easy way to do this is to buy a concealer and foundation from the same make-up line. For example, if you use Estee Lauder foundation, then try one of their concealers. If you use a drug store foundation, try the concealer in the same brand. If it is not one that you like, then take your foundation to the make-up counter and let the salesperson help you choose a suitable concealer. Always keep your receipts in case you need to return the product or make an exchange. Ask about the return policy before purchasing. (TIP: Making sure you are aware of the returns policy can come in handy for more than just buying concealers!)


Eye Make-Up (if you want to or have time)

If you have dark circles, avoid using heavy eye make-up. This will only draw attention to your eyes. Use light, neutral eye shadows and avoid black pencil and heavy mascara. Keep your look "clean" and "polished". You can also use rich lipstick shades to draw the attention away from your eyes and onto your lips!


Domestic Goddess Tip!

Concealer may be all you need to balance out your complexion. Many women forego the foundation, set their concealer with a bit of powder and start the day or head out!


Tips for choosing the right Bronzer and what you need to know in the next post…

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