Pursuit Of Happiness Pause

Here's to the early mornings, chaotic days and late nights.


Here's to the schedule running, appointment squeezing and people pleasing.


Here's to all your hard work and effort to get to where you are right now.


Its not just the little things, its not just the big things, its EVERYTHING that makes your life one that you should be proud to be running. Take a pause, look around you, the clothes you are wearing, the way you did your hair (or didn't), the shoes on your feet, the phone/computer you are reading this from, the things in the room around you. They are and were at one point something you chose to have in your life. If its not what you want now, get up and make a change, don't get angry, upset, annoyed at the outside world, this is your doing, you're in control, so go make changes if you have evolved past where you are sitting. Even if you don't feel ready now, you are an amazing being, you will grow in the journey, have faith in yourself and go get what it is your heart wants.


Love always,

The Full Time Domestic Goddess


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    Summer thanks…

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