Live Life Lusciously: What Does The Rest Of 2012 Taste Like?

We are nearly half way through the year! Can you believe it, this year as flown so fast for me, so much has changed, so much has come and gone from my life. I am feeling at a point of chaos yet surrender for the first time in years. I am busier than I have ever been, yet I feel more centered and ready to rock than ever before. Today I want to share a possibly fresh new way for you to pause, reflect, refresh and to carry on living your luscious life, AND exactly how you want.


So, what does the rest of 2012 hold for you? What does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like?


Lets Get Naked. Take a blank (naked) sheet of paper and a pen. For three minutes write nonstop about all the things you've experienced so far in 2012. Write out all the milestones. What wins have you had? What losses? What has excited you and made you giddy? What moments have made your heart break? Once you've written it all out, take a deep belly breath. Scan the list. Let it sink into your consciousness and then move to the next step.

Burn Baby, Burn. After reviewing your list, see what qualities are associated with the losses or the places you felt didn't go as planned. Were you more stubborn than necessary? Have you let fear paralyze you more often than not? Identify the main qualities you'd like to release from the past. Write these on a fresh piece of paper any way you see fit. Then, hold the paper in your hand and close your eyes. See your body opening up little doors to release these qualities, let go of them, feel them leaving your body. Maybe they're coming out of your hips, your brain or your heart. Finally, grant them permission to leave you and burn the paper. (don't do this drunk, even if it seems like a grand idea, don't want to burn baby burn the house too!)

Mapping Your Luscious Game. We can get grandiose with setting goals and that's the reason most people will fall short. Is it important for us to stretch? HELL YES! However, if you set a goal that you can't connect with sensorially then it's bound to pass you up. (Sorry but this is the truth) You need to get really clear on up to FIVE things you want to create for the rest of 2012. Make sure you can feel, sense, taste, smell or see them ACTUALLY manifesting. Go slightly beyond what you feel is possible. EXPAND yourself. Write them down and keep them in a special place (I put mine in a 'want book' and keep it in my dresser). Then take measurable actions towards achieving the goals and let the universe rise up to offer them to you – look for opportunities, talk to people, spread your dreams, get going with it, you'll be surprised at what can turn up from simply talking to people you already know…put it out there and dare the universe to stand up and meet you. You will, when looking for it, see little signs that you are on the right path.

Home Is Where The Heart Is. When opening ourselves to release old energies that no longer serve us and welcoming new luscious goals, dreams, ideas and desires, we can feel a little unbalanced, insecure and need some grounding/reassurance. We all have a place/location that resonates with our 'deep self.' The spot in the world where we can connect with our soul and know all things are possible. For me, it's the beach. No matter what's going on, I can always go to there for an instant reminder that we're all connected. It never fails to open my heart and bring loving tears to my eyes. If you can, take a moment to go to your home base place in the next few days (if not today), and do it any chance you feel the need to ground yourself. If you can't get there physically, how about googling a photo and teleporting yourself for a few minutes. Know you are safe, loved and whole just as you are.

I see you standing in your greatness.
I see your brilliance.
I see who you really are.
Know this.
Know it's true.

Move forward with sense of self and pursue with passion what you know you desire for the future months. Take a bite out of 2012 and see how good it really tastes, how good your life actually tastes.

To Your Best Self.

With Love, As Always,

The Full Time Domestic Goddess

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