Winter In Paradise? How I Plan To Survive…

So recently, I moved back to New Zealand after living in sunny Australia for the last 6 years…so I haven’t spent a winter here for many moons. There is a mountain within an hours drive from my house now. The last 4 years I barely experienced rain, let or loan cold temperatures. I spent 2 years in amazing Sydney, 3 years in gorgeous Perth Western Australia, and the last year in tropical Brisbane Queensland – far from what New Zealand is like. Not slightly freaked out or anything! I’d like to think I am clever and have a brain that I exercise daily, not to mention the Diploma in Fashion and many years of working in product development for some of Australia’s largest mass market suppliers…I got this, I cant find a way to survive winter in paradise!


Ok, issue to address #1. I have a problem with winter and getting cold. So I figure I need to address this as a high priority so I can quickly move onto some fun. Normally, I am a bikini clad, beach going, sun-loving creature, so this whole real winter thing with cold temps is going to be a huge challenge. And it rains here, the wet stuff that falls from the sky. BUT, challenge accepted. Like slamming back a tequila shot, it just has to be done if you want the fun.


Issue #2. Boring winter colours? Yea some of the colours are drab and bring you down to hide away a little, but maybe this is my lack of appreciation for anything less than eye shockingly bright? I am an addict of colour, namely pink as #1 fav, but I LOVE all colours, they all have a deep appreciation when found, so I need to find my love for the duller hues in the colour world, rusty plums, dusty salmon, grey marle and cream sound like a great place to start my appreciation.


Issue #3. The cover-ups. I prefer to roll around in summer dresses, bikinis, floaty skirts and sarongs. The only thing I like tall and long in life are my men….anyway, I find long sleeves and full length anything annoying.  I am a sleeve roller, I roll almost any full length sleeve up, not sure if this is habit or I don’t want to dirty my cuffs (wish someone could answer such random things in my life!). I think layers, textured fabrics and some fresh prints should help me into the cover-up-love-zone for my winter wardrobe.


My Plan so far!


I believe I need to find inspiration to wear long sleeves, pants, skirts, boots, oooo I like boots. I have been looking at websites, magazines, talking to friends and family, and of course visiting the stores on a weekly basis. I am thinking ankle socks with peep toe heels, heck yes. Big slouchy suede boots with a chunky heel, heck yes. Bright colour knits I can nip at the waist with a big chunky belt, heck yes. Oh and scarves, big, chunky, coloured, floaty, cable knit, fluffy thread, and some metallic, heck yes. Plus I am thinking accessories, bold necklaces and earrings, nice bright flowers should float me back to some warmer thoughts, right?!



My new loves that I purchased last week were a cream pair of ankle socks with a cute little frill, and a pair of black lace socks. Both are much warmer than wearing my peep toe heels to work with a bare foot underneath, heck yes. I am thinking about some delicious over the knee socks to team with my round toe pumps, yes, I like that thought…I have been building a nice little scarf collection, it’s a bit of fun that they are now part of my outfit daily, my latest obsession being a very chunky emerald green knit scarf that has a mad frill edge, its enormous and almost covers my face when wrapped around my know, super cozy! Next I need to tackle pants, that sounds hard, so wish me luck!

Love Always,

The Full Time Domestic Goddess xx

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  1. SarahBean says:

    Where oh where are these ankle socks from? I looked EVERYWHERE for them last year – i want x
    AND btw – love the colour inspiration

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