Today As I Dream I Remind Myself…

Today as I look out to the grey skies, hear and see the wind float through the trees, leaves on the ground, a wet concrete path by some lush green grass featuring tiny rain drops from the last shower. I cant help but dream of a warm sunny beach, my head laying back on powder like white sand, the gentle crash of waves lapping the shore line, my body warm with the desire to take a dip in that cool blue ocean water….

As beautiful as an autumn day is, I long for the days where I will be one with the beach, my home, again…I feel this coming winter will be a time to refresh, nourish, rehydrate, hibernate and work on my inner being, so I can emerge the other side of winter and this time in my life ready to thoroughly enjoy the summer months and all they have to give me.

The woman and her life are about cycles, her body works in cycles, just as the seasons, the woman works through the cycle from the highs to the lows and back again. Somewhere along the line we have let go of this natural way, and picked up an unnatural rhythm. We live in lives that don't account for the cycles to take place, then we end up balls of mess wondering why things aren't working, why our bodies are out of whack and we're left in the dark to try see the light of what is going on.


I want you to stop and think about it for a second.


When you are born, you have a cycle, its a natural cycle that is required for you to live, and over the next few years, this cycle changes to keep up with the demand of your life and your body. Between then and now, you let go and picked up a tiny little mad idea. This tiny little mad idea was that you need to fit in and adhere to whatever is going on around you. Yes this is true to an extent. But at the end of the day, we are individuals, we live our lives separate from every other person on this plant. Our body's are ours, and ours alone. When you have finished your day, you rest your head on your pillow, you are left with your thoughts, and this is it, this is your life, this is who you are. All the rest is an outside experience.

So I want to encourage you to listen to your natural rhythms, listen to what your body is telling you, give yourself time to hear what your body and your life are saying to you. Give yourself the time and space to accommodate what it is your life is craving. See the changes this listening can bring, feel the inspirations this new step brings. Enjoy how it feels to listen to yourself, to listen to your true being. Then, as with all things in life, rinse and repeat!



To Your Best Self,

The Full Time Domestic Goddess xx


A slice of autumn heaven not far from where I live.



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